Publishing step by step

My main aim, with publishing step by step, is to acquire some basic knowledge about how self-publishing works, with all the details included and ticked off from an incredibly long list, one at a time. Do one thing, and two more beg to be taken care of…

Not so very long ago, undertaking a task of this web-like intricacy would have given me nightmares; and I take it as a sign of real progress that these days, I am happy to plod on, meeting and dealing with first this stepping stone, then that one, until completion of this set of tasks morphs from a possibility into a probability.

To start a task and finish it properly becomes a valuable lesson, and I am pleased to see real progress in that.

I have read some excellent books on the subject of self-publication, one of which has now become my go-to bible. But no book can give us all the answers, so I have to select the most motivating and meaningful bits from a range of different sources and then make decisions which have unknowable consequences: still a novice, but catching on fast.

Happiness Matters is now available on Kindle, and as soon as I can agree the proof, will be available in paperback on Amazon and on many other outlets through Ingram Spark: I have opted for wider paperback and e-book distribution through Ingram Spark’s channels.

I am very grateful for the encouragement and help that I have received thus far, particularly from my darling husband, from my wonderful editor Claire Wingfield, and from Jane Dixon-Smith who has done such an amazing job with cover design and formatting. Having such amazing and friendly help to get this far is incredibly precious.

Thanks for reading.

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