The processes of indie publishing may seem complicated, but like every task in life, they can be broken down into sections which we tackle one at a time, in sequence when it suits.

First, we decide that going indie might be a good idea, then we start to enquire, find resources and read about it. Then we read some more, then we venture to work out what the jargon means… and we keep reading.

Then we look at what to do – finish writing, edit, send out to external editor, re-edit some more, and some more…. There are always glitches and typos to fix…. then decide to get it formatted and how to do that, write up pitches and cover material, consider metatadata and pricing then decide about book cover design….

The step up to indie publishing is huge, yes, but if we break it into small steps, each becomes achievable in good time, with a bit of focus and patience. There is practical stuff to deal with too, such as deciding about distribution channels, opening new accounts with Amazon, IngramSpark and Neilsen to buy ISBNs and register our books. Not to mention tax, reciprocal arrangements for withholding, ITINs, and the rest. Having been through some of this already with my existing publisher helps a great deal.

I have started a body of notes which I add to as time goes on. These are updated every day, and they help me to navigate the processes without all the details getting lost. Notes save my brain from the twin hazards of forgetfulness and interruptions, neither of which is predictable. With a steep learning curve and limited time, taking notes saves having to remember all the details.

This is an exciting learning curve, a bit what I imagine ski-ing must be like. Lots of highs and adrenalin rushes.

Thanks for reading.

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