Printing off my work

Every time I prepare to visit a bookfair, I have to think about printing off my work. A process which is surprisingly difficult, and relies on me to find the correct weight of paper so that I can print double-sided without the text showing through too intrusively on the reverse, folders that look new enough to be a pleasure to handle, vinyl pages that are clean, not pockmarked and scored, and text that is the best I can make it. And two clear hours during which I can ensure there are no interruptions whatsoever. When get pulled away by anything outside the task in hand, the complexity mounts.

I privately believe that, the day that printing off my work goes without a hitch – no typos, no stray, single pages or mis-numbered sections – will be the time when my book fair visit will be the most rewarding for me. A good, clean print run equates to a good book fair.

So I’m glad I’ve had a few years in this process of growing wiser, to discover what works best, because, travelling with only hand-luggage, every gram counts, and with the passage of time, I’m acutely aware that my gadding-about years are quietly drawing to a close. I’ve had a good innings – fifty-four next birthday and I’m still living pain free for much of the time, and able to go out in the evenings. I don’t take that freedom for granted any longer, and am merely curious to know how much longer I shall have it.

Meantime, I’m pleased to report that my last print-off (for Frankfurt 2018) was quick, relatively easy and fun. Maybe my next print off (for London 2019) will be even better – a breeze!


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