I would be so happy if anyone who has read Trapped and who has not yet posted a review, would do so. Any review, of any complexion. I have got over the obsessive checking of ratings, comments and tables, but all reviews help to promote and to raise my profile, and I am grateful for each and every comment (Yes, even the less than flattering ones!). People pay attention to reviews, and it helps to increase our readership and credibility.

Paul Delaroche - Portrait of Son, Joseph Carle
Paul Delaroche – Portrait of Son, Joseph Carle

I enjoy posting reviews on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and on Goodreads. If you could tell me how to post reviews on Barnes & Noble and on Waterstones and Blackwell’s websites, I would be grateful. There are also all the other book marketing sites, such as the Book Depository, Lovereading, The Book People. I have recently signed up to a number of these – my password list is ridiculously long – but they are fun, keep me up to date with publishing trends and offer lots of ideas for presents, at any time of year.


'Girl Reading' Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot
‘Girl Reading’ Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot


Writing continues apace, with several projects that will tide me over nicely to the New Year. Thanks for all your help this year, for your company and for all your encouragement. If there is ever any way I can repay any of the multitude of favours that I have been blessed with, I hope you will let me know!

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