I love the busy spell before the Festive break.  Thinking about work projects that I would like to progress in the New Year, I have been outlining ideas and plans for 2016, so that they can take root while I have time to reflect on them over the holidays.

Hermann Fenner-Behmer - 'What to write?'
Hermann Fenner-Behmer – ‘What to write?’

I have a lot of exciting projects coming up.  The radio play of Trapped is now largely finished.  Though it perhaps needs a bit of tweaking, most of the work has been done.  I hope that any future work with it will be collaborative – I would love to work with a producer, say, who has great ideas to add to the script.  In the past, the attachment I have felt for ‘finished’ projects means that I have found it difficult to let them out into the world to fly – no longer!

As well as the radio play of Trapped I have begun an outline for a theatre production. It continues to astonish me how different are the book, the radio play, and the stage adaptation, almost as if I am writing about three different women.

Chic lit and women’s literature features in 2016. I will be progressing, outlining and submitting several full length works (up to about 75,000 words). Early in the New Year The Seduction of Susan Scott is my first offering, followed by Lisa Somerville, which may become a series of books around the main character. Then, there is Pip, a more serious story about a woman in a difficult relationship who has a child she adores. All these projects, as well as blogging and networking, are sure to keep me busy and entertained.

I am planning to attend the London Book Fair (12 – 14 April 2016) and the Frankfurt Book Fair in October. I shall be taking my work with me.

Thanks to all my friends and supporters for adding such joy and companionship to a very busy year. I am looking forward to starting work again in January. Meantime, I wish you all a wonderful Festive Season.

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