Ongoing projects

I have several ongoing projects, as I work best that way. The third book in my memoir/ MBS series, called, ‘Making Miracles’ is scheduled for publication before the end of the year; and the first of my fiction series, Lisa Somerville is being rewritten; these are my next two book projects for 2017.

But I also have some editing on-board for my mother, who has a lot of books to finish; plus – of course – all the usual routines and expectations which go with being a wife and mum – who is, let’s face it, rather tired, slightly over the hill and needs and enjoys a rest and a laugh, away from the usual pressures of routine. The older I get, the more I relish simple laughter, the more I find that relaxation keeps me going, deeply and more meaningfully than I realised before: what is the point of living so hard that we haven’t the time to laugh?

I’m keen to keep these projects going over the summer holidays; and yet, I really want a holiday too. From previously finding the time away from term routines bothersome, now I welcome the excuse to leave behind my usual shape and form, and move outside to different places, where I can feel refreshed, meet new people and benefit from a wider perspective. I don’t feel that any of that ‘gets in the way’ the way I used to – now it feels like a life-saver.

Perhaps that is one major advantage of getting older. I’m less bothered by what I suppose people expect, I simply want to feel happy, and that can happen in lots of simple ways: it’s not the expensive purchase, the delicious, exotic meals; it is simply setting routines aside for a day, or a weekend, and enjoying being happy, doing simple things like catching up on reading, warming my shoulders in the sun, phoning someone for a leisurely chat.

Thanks to all my friends for making life more fun than I ever thought possible; and thank you to Life for bringing the Summer vacation, during which I shall work, play and laugh at every opportunity. I hope to swim in the sea, dance carefully at nightfall and eat simple food sitting in the sun. Simple pleasures, and valuable.

Thanks for reading.

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