My new screen saver

This is going to sound maudlin, but I promise you, it’s not. I have a new screen saver. That’s to say, my new screen saver is wonderful. I have sometimes struggled to get images that were not pixelated to death, or fuzzy, or that gave me a headache after a few days.

But recently, mucking about with my PC, a photo of my brother, wearing a genuinely lovely smile, a grin which says, “I’m happy here, now” ended up as my screen saver image, and it is beautifully clear.  Unusually, because my brother was oddly self-conscious, forever pulling faces when being photographed, playing the fool, this picture has his happy likeness to perfection. He’s wearing a red t-shirt with the legend, “Moved into a new flat – my neighbour has broadband wi-fi…”

As as IT expert non pareil, that fits him well…

The thing is, I can feel his joy motivating me. Pieter was an incredibly hard worker, obsessed, almost, with his projects which were legion and complex. And seeing him there, grinning, is all the motivation I need to keep working when I’m tempted to slack off. Not that I don’t rest, and not that he would have disapproved of a good time off. But knowing how much effort he put in, and knowing that his advice still motivates me (“write, because the only thing other people can’t do for you is write your books.”) it seems like a double dereliction of my intentions, to shut him away for the night without at least giving my projects a bit of quality time.

I don’t much like the expression, “quality time” but it works, when applied to my work. I can fritter time away playing computer patience, or I can watch Netflix, or I can spend lots of time on YouTube. But, since I enjoy writing, and since I want to write, I really should, when the opportunity suggests itself to me as I turn on the PC and there is my bro, encouraging me, saying, “Come on, girl, you can do this…” I will get my work done and I will finish what I set out to do. Thanks, bro!

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