My mother, my mirror

Mum has been in hospital for almost three weeks. It was a big step to call the ambulance and actually get help, but I’m glad we did.

From having passed all her first tests and scans with flying colours, she was still feeling oddly off and looking peaky when my eldest sister and I went to see after her first week, on Tuesday. Moments after we arrived in her room, took off our coats and exchanged the usual pleasantries, Mum went to the loo – an unexpected struggle – then had a total systems shut-down. Was it a stroke? Something worse? We had no idea. More bloods were taken and an emergency scan immediately done. An infection was discovered, treated with loads of strong antibiotics – which, as a rule, Mum tends to avoid, thank God – and within twelve hours, she was in recovery.

Sepsis has been diagnosed – a fatal condition if left untreated – which must have been brewing for a few weeks..? In what Mum now does, and doesn’t quite manage, there are also signs of mini-strokes. And with all that, she is still as strong as an ox and getting better every day.

In the example of her sheer tenacity, my mother has become my mirror, challenging me to do my best, to keep going and to stay cheerful withal. Yes, times are taxing and we are all very busy, but that only presents me with the challenge to stay calm and cheerful, get my life organised and be positive. Because, being honest about everything, any other attitude is simply a waste of time.

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