My friend, my good friend Clare Flourish notes at the side of her blog that she is a member of the Mumsnet bloggers network.

It was Clare who gave me the idea, which has been simmering, of asking if Mumsnet would find an article from me worthwhile, and Josephine who looks after such matters – bless her! – said yes.

'Thank You' by Moeez, July 2014
‘Thank You’ by Moeez, July 2014

Bless Mumsnet, which is an interesting, amusing and hugely informative network of information and ideas for like-minded souls. MN even have a jobs section, where you can ponder your next career move. And they post into my IN box a regular news update which helps to keep me informed about all the latest news and views.

I am delighted to be a member of such a wonderful community, and to have at my fingertips a resource of advice, companionship and almost limitless ideas. Here is my article, ‘I have cerebral palsy but refuse to let it define me’ which was posted yesterday afternoon.

Please pop in to comment, share and tweet (and do whatever else you would like to do – the site is so engrossing that I can happily spend a morning just browsing….)


A rose
A rose

Thanks so much for reading!

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