Okay, so who here enjoys making mistakes?  Anyone?  I expect to be greeted with a deafening silence on that one.  Stupid question?  Not really.

The ways in which we can be taken for a ride, hoodwinked and generally made a fool of seem to grow exponentially as the years pass, though I don’t think it has anything to do with growing older, necessarily.  Anyone who works alone or for themselves is constantly at risk of being pressured, emotionally pulled or socially expected to expend their energy or part with their hard-earned cash in the hope of gaining more.  Yes, we need to invest in our futures, but how much, and with whom?  And how can we justify spending our time and money on a dream, a grand idea that may procure nothing more than a few half-hearted endorsements, or a clearer idea of the mistakes we made that we will not make again…?

We try a dozen things, and nothing happens.  We try a hundred, two hundred, and somewhere, somehow, the bud that is our hopes begins to unfurl.  We keep trying, and then, one day and totally out of the blue, we may receive some un-qualifiedly brilliant news that is like a bright light, buoying up our hopes. It is that light we are looking for.  And, I don’t see any other way to get to it except by making mistakes.  Lots and lots and lots….. we cast our hopes high and some land on good soil.  The rest, well, they may show us other paths, which we can choose to follow, or leave for later.  Other patches of ground we till with our hopes may grow into thickets of thorns that we know to avoid.  That in itself is a good thing.

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But – we should be pleased with ourselves for even having the courage to try and maybe get it wrong; even to enjoy making mistakes.  To make mistakes is natural, normal and very necessary, (though it’s good to have a fall-back position so that we don’t end up feeling as if we lost the best years, or our families saw only our back views for too long).

As my friend might say, it’s all about balance. Which is tricky at the best of times.

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