Lost without my Find Key

So there I am, after a day of editing, busily editing some small part of my Mum’s next book.  She has written many, all of which we will have to get published.  And blow me down with a feather, if I don’t find the pages of one rather early draft, neglected for a time, scattered with strange Chinese characters, all of which help to further obscure the meaning of a rather, um, specialised text.  What to do?  Go through every page carefully deciphering each complex character to try and reconstruct the underlying meaning?

Visiting Mum later on, I remembered to mention this to her, and she said, “You only have to use ‘Find’ and ‘Replace’ twenty-six times” Each Chinese character substitutes for one letter of the western alphabet – of course!  Sounds so obvious when I remember…

Or, almost asleep one evening, I suddenly realise that I have an abundance of one particular word – ‘that’, say – in a paragraph…which I can easily locate and thin down with other, more interesting words in our abundant English language lexicon.  Find and Replace are such useful functions on my WP programme, and every day, when I am writing, as I casually edit them, I thank God for the clever person who thought about this and realised that reading through screeds of paper to find the one misplaced phrase is time better spent doing – almost – anything else.

I would be truly lost without the ‘Find’ and ‘Replace’ keys.  It takes me time to navigate round new templates, and my fondness for this and a host of other useful functions, is one reason why I delay upgrading to a newer computer system.  (That, and a rather old-fashioned loyalty to pieces of equipment that have not yet died on me.)  I get used to things and am loath to change them.

Thanks for reading.

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