I’ve got my train ticket, I’ve downloaded my pass for the week and I’ve booked and paid for my accommodation, which is a stone’s throw away from the venue.  I am definitely going to the London Book Fair 2016 , at Olympia Exhibition Centre, Hammersmith Road, from Tuesday 12 April to Thursday 14th April inclusive.  It’s the first week of the Summer term for Seline, who will be fine with her dad here to look after her.  This time last year, I would have been more hesitant, but in the last twelve months, Seline has grown and matured, and become taller than her mum, not only in stature, but also in confidence and wisdom too.  She will relish the freedom to be without my mumsy ways for a while.

What shall I take to the Fair?  Apart from my tickets and my hopes, what materials will I be taking with me?  Top of the list is the first in my series of books featuring Lisa, a Scots lawyer, and an assortment of her friends and clients.  It is a source of constant delight to me to discover that the more I write about Lisa, the more I discover to write.  To know that a series feeds naturally on itself is to surrender a major pre-occupation and so begin to really enjoy writing for pure pleasure.  As well as the first book in the series, I hope to take the first fifty pages of book two + synopses and/ or proposals for the series.

Street Photography in NYC

Since I will be in London, with its myriad opportunities, tucked under my arm, will be an abbreviate of my radio play. It seems a pity to be in London for the whole week and leave it behind. Who knows what might arise from a decision to remain open about that?

Who else is going to the London Book Fair 2016?

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