When we work from home, it is vital not only that we work hard – everyone does that – but that we keep our focus on the tasks we are hoping or needing to achieve. Maybe I can illustrate this by taking a look at how I used to work.

“Ho hum, it was nice to see so-and-so, and great to chat. Oh, dear, I’m awfully late, and I’ve SUCH a lot to do before hubby gets home. Better get a move on….”

“Better see what we need in the way of shopping – I can always pop into the supermarket on my way home, I drive past it…”

“I always give daughter a lift, it doesn’t take long, and anyway, I’m awfully bored doing this today. Don’t feel like it.”

Okay, so we all do this sort of thing. But I had also developed the habit of chatting amiably to all and sundry, and actually, they neither wanted nor expected it. Partly that comes from an ancient habit of being ingratiating, but also it comes from not valuing my time well, and from not actually realising that THIS is what I want to do, and by golly, I’m going to do it.

The most successful people in the world are those who get things done… because there are so many ways in which we can be distracted, pulled off course and inveigled into doing things that leave us feeling rather niggled and confused – classic signs that we should not be doing them.

Working for oneself, it really is essential to stay focussed on what we want. That is easier to do when we accept that people will bask in our certitude. They will be relieved to see us actually doing what we want, and being happier as a result.

And, it’s easy to know if I am on target – if it’s all to the good, I feel livelier, happier, and stuff happens much more easily.

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