Happy New Year 2020

Despite the current rash of sad news which seems to wrap itself around us like barbed wire – turmoil in the Middle East, Brexit uncertainty, the seeming melt-down of large areas of the planet – I am more determined than ever to stay patient, resolute, and as cheerful as possible in 2020.

What good does it do me to increase my unhappiness by worrying?

When I worry, it’s something else I have to get my head around before I can do anything that will help me to feel more purposeful and less worried. And there is a lot I, and we, can do! Ten minutes of daily exercise, two minutes a day tidying our local outdoors, ten seconds smiling at someone we meet on a walk, the intention of shopping more purposefully with local producers and farmers, donating our time to good causes or the local political scene, turning up at our local community hall or library to check out the latest books and events… Even remembering to take a couple of plastic bags – one for litter, one for our shopping – as we head out of the door each day.

What a difference it makes, when we do something that makes a difference! Gardening, listening, putting out bird-feeders. Doing something beneficial each day has the added advantage of reminding us of our good fortune: helping others helps us to feel good about our place in the world, and the good we contribute to it, in small steps, one thing at a time.

My resolution this year is to remain patient, to apply myself in whatever way I can to the tasks that need doing, and to have faith that all my small steps make a difference.

I wish you and yours a peaceful, prosperous year.

Thanks for listening.

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