Happiness Matters

The publication of my latest book Happiness Matters on kindle yesterday marks one small milestone on the ten-year journey to put my dreams for a bit of daily peace and joy into practice.


It has taken ten years, from the time I first sat at my computer and said, ‘So now, I am going to write about how to be happy’.

Writing about happiness matters seemed a bit presumptuous, back then, until I realised that writing is how I express myself best, and how I make sense of things. I desperately wanted to be happy, and besides, making that decision I felt happier almost immediately. (If I’d known it would take ten years from inspiration to publication, I might have thought better of it. I’m glad that we can’t see that far into the future.)

So often I have known, with my head, what it means to be peaceful, yet each day presents me with fresh challenges, fresh teasing reminders that the journey to peace is ongoing. Given what we learn from the news, in social media and from our friends, family and our colleagues, it can be  an effort to maintain serenity in the face of ongoing frustrations. In my bleaker moments, I walk a path strewn with obstacles, with questions that seem to float out of reach, chasing answers that shift all the time.

But despite the temptation to be gloomy, it is better for me – and for everyone around me – if I can at least try to be kind, conciliatory, peaceful and forgiving. Life works out better and I get along with a lighter step, instead of a heavy trudge that might collapse sometime soon….

There have been bleak moments and there have been sunny days. The publication of Happiness Matters is a whole sunny afternoon!

Happiness Matters on kindle is to be followed shortly by the paperback and wider distribution through a number of platforms. If anyone would like a review copy meantime, please just ask.

Thanks for reading!

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