Going to the London Book Fair 2018

I have long planned to go to the London Book Fair 2018.

I booked my accommodation for the London Book Fair 2018 in October last year, my train tickets in January, and have my rucksack packed with the basic essentials – one copy of each of my books, folders with my current works in progress and a copy of my radio play… the rest – the clothes, the details, will I hope not be too long in resolving.

The main issue I have – I will not call it a ‘problem’, though perhaps ‘opportunity’ is a tad too new age for the realities of travel – is that I have to be able to carry everything I need in my rucksack, which is not one of these tall main-frame types, more a middle-sized packers rucksack. In any case, I’m limited by weight, and by my rather precarious balance.

Also, I seem to have developed an aversion to using these moving escalators which we find everywhere in airports and conference centres and railway stations. For some unaccountable reason, they fill me with a most unhelpful fear and dread. (The alternative is usually a lift out of the way behind a corner somewhere, grossly slow and overused…) (Or never used and apparently out of order.) If I have one wish for my travels, it is that this fear of using downward travelling staircases might leave me. It becomes a nuisance.

That said, I’m fairly organised, which is a relief, since I have a lot to do – and am recovering from some vague, annoying illness – before I can actually catch my train on the 9th of April and sit back in standard class with a sigh. I really, sincerely, hope I make it, as I enjoy the London Book Fair, which has a lot for authors to get excited about, and many events that are open and participatory.

Thanks so much for reading.



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