Getting Back to Normal

Welcome back after the long Summer break – I’m so pleased to be blogging again. It’s great to be getting back to normal, settling back into the usual routines.

But, hang on….

It seems we all take holidays and travel away, abroad in vast numbers each year for a week or two, to ‘get away from it all’. There are dozens of clichés about seeking adventure, a change of scene, finding oneself. And, getting away can make me feel bigger, more expansive, and helps to broaden my perspectives.

And I also love to come home. I revel in comfortable routines, a good bed, soft sheets, a great cup of tea, and familiar comforts; knowing I’m not going to have to deal with too many unexpected quirks…Those quirks that our flat has tend to be known. (Better not mention, then, the shower head in our hotel which hung limply, spraying water all over the floor instead of on me…)

But there is a big part of me that resists the return to ‘normal routines’. I can feel distinctly irked at the return of all the old – and frankly rather dated – expectations that it was a relief to relinquish for a week or so.

So here are my top tips for surviving the post-holiday blues.


  • If our first reaction when we come home is ‘Wow, our place feels very small…’ it’s a sign that we have grown during our time away.


  • Agree that expansion, change and growth are A Good Thing, both inevitable and precious. There is no going back to the old routines. Life changes forward.


  • In the familiarity of being at home, notice how old habits, which took a rest during our time away, resurface very fast. Decide which habits you want to change, and which are okay to keep.


  • We can be happy anywhere, so let’s keep the good mood around. There is no reason to send it packing just because we have come back home. Let’s laugh.


  • Let’s not go back to what other people expect or want from us. Why should we? Let’s do what we want to do, and leave other people to sort out their own lives.


Great plan. Thanks for reading.


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