Fran features: Federation of Writers (Scotland) – September

I’m delighted to be this month’s featured writer in the Federation of Writers (Scotland)  September 2017 newsletter.

The Federation is a collective of enthusiasts of the written and spoken word and welcomes writers of any complexion into its ranks: poets, writers of prose and short stories, bards and lovers of the spoken word. To quote from their header:

The Federation of Writers (Scotland) is an organisation dedicated to making the written and spoken word available to the public of Scotland, with respect for diversity and recognition of additional support needs.

The Federation is run by volunteers and membership is free. It is very easy to join the FWS by visiting the website, which is a mine of useful information and contacts. A monthly newsletter offers a comprehensive round-up of events happening around Scotland and includes a very useful digest of submissions being sought and upcoming competitions.

Each month I look forward to catching the latest news.

Anne Clarke generously gives her time to organising the monthly newsletter and sending it to our IN boxes. However, I first met her in person, when, at the invitation of the Events Convenor of the FWS, Rose Ann Fraser Ritchie (who also facilitates our writing group, Thistle Scribblers), she came to the Thistle Foundation’s Edinburgh Headquarters , to share some of her poetry with us and to hear about the writing that Thistle Scribblers enjoy each week.

I was so inspired by hearing Anne read her own poetry. No-one needs special or particular qualifications to express themselves, and poetry, that sublime form which can say so much with a few words, hints at the complexities of life in ways that few other mediums for self expression can match.

Thanks so much to Anne Clarke for featuring me this month, and for all the encouragement I have been offered by the Thistle Foundation and the Thistle Scribblers.





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