Featured today on Kathy Pooler’s blog.

Today I’m delighted to feature on Kathy Pooler’s blog, writing about my books, in particular how and why I wrote my memoir, Trapped: My Life with Cerebral Palsy.

I’m so grateful to Kathy for publishing my article on her website today.

Writing Trapped must rank as one of the hardest things I’ve done. Yet, it was the endurance test that ultimately saved my life and gave me a new sense of purpose, as well as countless opportunities to do things differently and see the world through fresh eyes. Having achieved that, no other test has seemed impossible, or anything like as daunting.

I do sincerely hope that my experiences with managing life challenges through contemplation, reading and writing will inspire others to take courage with their own personal mountains. We all have challenges to overcome, some expected, others that arrive like a cold whirlwind out of a clear blue sky. Whether we realise it or not, and whether or not we want to believe it, we can find ways to be happy, whatever life brings us.

That I have been enabled to find a path to peace through my writing makes me grateful beyond words.

Please do pop in and support Kathy if you can.

Thanks for reading and sharing.

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