I guest on ‘Disability Now’s September Podcast

Ian Macrae, commissioning editor of ‘Disability Now’ invited me to take part in ‘DN’s September podcast, so last Tuesday I headed off to London on the early train. Hubby – bless him! – insisted I travel first class, though the delicious and generously supplied drinks and food did nothing to ward off the chill of a seat near the rear carriage entrance. After days of sunshine, it was unusually overcast, and I was grateful for my woollen jacket.

The time passed quickly, though, and we soon got into Kings Cross, where I had a delicious lunch at one of the food stops. In the cavernous station, after stopping to admire the tourist crowd around Platform 9 3/4, I bought far too much food, and had to leave a lot of it, as I did not want to be falling asleep in front of the microphone during the afternoon recording. A short trip in a taxi took me to the RNIB recording studio in Camden, where we all met up: Ian Macrae, Commissioning Editor of ‘Disability Now’ who invited me along for the day; Zara Todd, Richard Butchins and Paul Carter. We had a lovely get-together, and the whole time passed so quickly. As we shared our experiences, once again I am reminded of how much we all have in common.

Getting in to Edinburgh late the same evening, the train station was so quiet after the friendly bustle of London.

Three Roses



Sincere thanks to Ian, to Zara, Richard and Paul, for such a wonderful time. I hope we meet again.


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