Creating New Worlds with Words

The joys of writing are – obvious, right?  They include, having fun, enjoying the power to be a creative genius who dreams up new worlds, or finds wonderful new ways to present ever-popular themes.

For example, it looks as if the Tudor theme – mad kings, several hapless wives, beheadings, the search for the elusive male heir and lots of illegitimate siblings…. is set to run and run.  But how would it be if we re-wrote that context with a twist, (as Robert Harris wrote ‘Fatherland’ supposing that the Axis powers had won the Second World War).

What if Edward VI had lived into old age, or Mary Jane Grey had stayed on the throne?  What if we took all the historical facts but planted them in a different social or sexual context: Amazon women, the Matriarchy in the fantastic, sci fi future?  That might make an interesting twist.

Do we create, or are we merely scribes of our characters, inviting them out and giving voice to them?  Of course, we take the credit, get the pleasure of putting all that down, and by doing so, we can indulge in the ultimate wish fulfilment.

You want to be a wealthy, successful, beautiful, clever and talented actress with dozens of admirers and a true love in the background who loves you for being you and ….?  Go for it!

Authors create new worlds with words, so we can indulge our every fancy and whim.  And that, whatever becomes of the final result, is the most marvellous fun.  Context and believability may come into everything later on, of course, but in the throes of creative passion, who cares what happens.  The thrill is in making it happen and bringing it to life.  Wow, we can do anything we want to!  Isn’t that fantastic?

Thanks for reading.


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