Changes are everywhere

Admitting one simple thing – yes, I would like a more interesting life – has amazing knock-on effects. Conceding that I don’t need to keep a handle on everything in my immediate sphere – it’s all right if the laundry ain’t washed today and meals aren’t cooked, because hubby can have a stab at it when he gets home – has started a ball rolling. Or the knitting to unravel, the dominoes to fall. At the moment, changes are everywhere.

So too, if I want to write well, I have to make space for it; by clearing the diary properly, by not answering the phone or by saying, “Sorry, I can’t, not today,” when my resolve weakens and I do answer the phone that rings. I can prepare properly, and that helps the alchemy. I can’t expect to squeeze good writing out of or into the cracks and small, agitated spaces around what else I’ve always done and that I don’t enjoy.

It’s strange, how educative it can be, to be unwell, to have a sore back and to hobble. Or to face one’s end of tether. So that, when the mist clears, I decide it is high time to have more fun, enjoy myself and to that end, to parcel off the boring, routine tasks in another direction for a while. Or to just leave them for a day until I feel more in the mood to tackle them. In the winter, I now send heavy laundry to the laundrette, where it is washed and dried for me. It’s taken a while, but I finally feel that I’m getting a handle on making life more interesting.

The theories around freedom and happiness that have obsessed me for decades not only make intellectual sense, but now begin to work for me so that I can feel much happier, while I also notice that my relaxed state and my happiness are infectious: My family are more communicative, and the unfolding happens more easily without all the pushing and shoving that used to attend my efforts at progress.

The same philosophy helps me in business too. Whereas, previously, I believed I had to keep up, search and find, locate and unearth opportunities – and I still enjoy a treasure hunt – nowadays, I allow life to bring stuff to me. Other people have reminded me that they also work this way, so it’s a method I can use and learn from. So long as I am clear and available for ideas to come, they will. I’m listening. And it’s a relief to stop running.

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