Carry a bag

It should be easy for us to carry a bag by now. We’ve had charges for plastic carriers for a while, and increasingly supermarkets and suppliers are introducing heavy duty paper bags, cardboard boxes or zero waste options for transporting our groceries: all of which has a very “Seventies” vibe about it. If we acquire a few sturdy carrier bags, these can last literally for years.

But you can also carry any kind of bag or wrapping of the sort which you would find protecting new pillows, or those that clothes are delivered in, for re-use to pick up any pieces of litter you may find lying around.

One of the main reasons we don’t collect litter – oh dear, I don’t have a bag with me… – can so easily be overcome if we remember to keep some wrap – bag – packaging – in the car for this purpose. Not that we spend a great deal of time glancing around our feet at whatever dross we might find clogging up the drains or caught wilting in the gutter. It is not good for our sense of ambition to continually looking down at the pavement. Rather, it is useful and refreshing to choose one day, a time, a moment once and a while, to go on a litter search and collect mission. See how much we can recycle or double wrap before we throw it away. Take the time to notice what lies under the hedgerows and beside canals and embankments and retrieve it.

It’s occasionally also useful to carry a pair of scissors, for slicing through cords and the plastic ties that trap official notifications on lamp posts and railings. It is amazing how the litter of discarded signage can clutter and accumulate: how many local authorities, having put up planning notices and landlord and tenant neighbour notifications, ever bother to retrieve them when they have expired?

It only takes moment, when heading out on our daily rounds, to remember to carry a bag.

Thanks for listening.

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