Capability Scotland – Thank you!

I am honoured to be part of your launch for the ‘Great Scottish Book Off’. It was a privilege to represent you on ‘Good Morning Scotland’; (at 02:36:14) and the appearance at Blackwells last night was such fun. Thank you for organising everything so beautifully. It is a total pleasure to work with you, and I hope that my small contribution has helped to give your campaign extra lift.

Thanks also to Blackwells for their generous support hosting last night’s event.

I just want to say… I sincerely appreciate everything Capability does to promote positive, inclusinve living. We all need Capability, to remind us that everyone has something valuable to offer to the big picture. Our part may feel small, only one piece of the puzzle, but…you know how it feels when that one piece of the puzzle is missing. Imagine spending months putting together a thousand piece jigsaw, only to find a piece missing. And if that puzzle is made up of millions of pieces…..?

Whether we are campaigners, volunteers, tea and scone makers or listeners, each one of us is uniquely important. We celebrate life’s richness, when we work together!

Thank you and bless you, always.

Rose heart

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