Hello my lovely friends. I’ve not been writing as many blog posts as usual, mainly because I’ve been so busy doing articles, following up leads, and setting up talks and readings which are coming up later on this year, as well as dealing with end-of- year stuff at school and a child who is hyper about the approaching summer holiday. Schools in Scotland break up at the end of June.  In the meantime, over the last few months, I have been learning so much, not only about what works, but how to keep moving forward in the best way. ‘All together now!’ shouts the sergeant at the front of the line. S/he may be right.

Often, we invest time and energy, and we have no notion whether they make any difference to the outcome. It is my experience, however, that whenever I act sincerely, small steps of faith take me forward and deliver unexpected gifts when I am not looking for them.

Recently, an article appeared featuring yours truly, for which I am most pleased and grateful. Thank you to ‘All Together Now’ who featured this piece.

Writing about how disability encounters the mainstream, it’s not so much about statistics, though these remain fairly daunting. Neither am I especially keen to tell other people what to think or do: we all want as good, honest, happy and fulfilling lives as we can achieve. Yet, to harness all ability so that everyone can make the most of life, there is still room to improve awareness about the effects of disability, as well as improving accessibility, education and attainment levels. Where these are on the table for discussion, I encourage and motivate in any way I can. With small steps of faith, we all make a difference.


Earth, the Moon and Callisto
Earth, the Moon and Callisto

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