Imagine the scene. We are just in the door after a week away sunning ourselves in Italy. The house feels a bit odd and quiet, with mail scattered on the doormat, and two dishes left from a week ago, and there is a fair bit of washing and drying of clothes to get through, before we head off again the following day I take a moment to check the four hundred or so emails that greet my return home – thanks for the love-bomb, people.

E Philips Fox, 'A Love Story' 1903
E Philips Fox, ‘A Love Story’ 1903

Waiting in my email IN box is a lovely invitation from Michael McEwan a journalist and presenter with to appear on Able Radio. YAY! I pen a speedy reply with my electronic pen, and then, fingers crossed, head off for another week. Later on, Michael records us for a while, and afterwards we chat about everything and anything; and I can honestly say that Michael is the best (and kindest) presenter I have ever talked to. He has a knack of putting everyone at their ease. Later, of course, I could kick myself for thinking of lots of things I could have said, afterwards. But, I have now discovered a lovely place to listen to broadcasts from all over the UK, with groovy music and lively discussions around every issue of interest to the disability community and beyond. Ableradio is based in Wales but has regional presenters throughout the UK. Michael’s show goes out every Thursday from 7 – 8 pm. If you would like to listen to the programme, here is the link that should take you straight through to the broadcast. If you can, I would be delighted if you would tune in tomorrow, the 13th of August, when Michael and I will be chatting about how I came to write Trapped, and about my upcoming appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  (On Thursday 27th August at Venue 40, The Quaker Meeting House at Victoria Terrace, in central Edinburgh, I will be giving a reading and then there will be questions and answers.) Thanks for reading – and listening!

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