Johannes Vermeer 'A Lady Writing' c 1665
Johannes Vermeer ‘A Lady Writing’ c 1665


The more I write, the more I discover there is to write about. It seems to be one of these laws of universal truth, that committing to a writing habit and blogging five times a week is easier and more fulfilling than writing less often, (at days and times which constantly need considering). Somehow, committing is the most important part, and then the rest comes more easily.

I have gaps in my schedule and become increasingly used to working around whatever else is going on. So, the plumber has just phoned to say he is coming over on Wednesday to get started on fitting a new boiler (YAY!) at a time when I would usually be swimming, or writing, or sorting out laundry. Instead of worrying that my life needs to be reorganised, I just accept that gratefully, and swim later, or another day. Life becomes so much easier, with the help of a few regular habits that become increasingly enjoyable. Blogging has become one of these: a personal diary and place for reflection that gives structure and support to me through the day. And, most importantly, writing it is soothing and pleasant. I do enjoy sharing snippets of my life with you, and reading about what you are doing. I am grateful for every comment, ‘like’ and ‘share’.

My brother tells me that the only thing other people cannot do for me, is write my material, which does galvanise me. Increasingly I find that blogging is useful to get me started and sustain me through book writing and editing too. There are many, many benefits to blogging, which are not immediately obvious. But I discover more every day.


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