A heartfelt thank you.

When my first book was published, the silence was … not exactly deafening, but… I got a hug from a friend, which I remember because it was unexpected and welcome, but nothing else happened.  No streamers, no party, no ‘welcome to the world post-publication’.  I hadn’t expected anything else, really; and when another friend offered to host a book launch in my usual venue – the Quaker Meeting House in Edinburgh  – I had to decline her kind offer, because I was unable to source any copies of my books at that time, and ordering from my publisher would have taken perhaps six weeks and cost a fortune in postage.

It’s amazing how much there is to learn about the practicalities of publishing, and by dint of noticing the gaps in expectations, in the last three years I’ve learned a great deal about the challenges and the politics of this process.  I am still learning – do we ever stop? – and I am very grateful to have acquired what little knowledge I have; and relieved to have avoided most – but not all – of the pitfalls waiting to catch the unwary.  (Though pitfalls bring their own lessons…)

So when Rachael Cloughton  Editor of Scottish Art News Magazine and events co-ordinator at Thistle suggested that we have a book launch for my latest book, Happiness Matterswhich goes on extended distribution today – I was moved almost to tears.  Her enthusiasm is amazing.  She encourages me always to also do my best; and her belief in me feeds my own self-belief.

We are having a launch at Thistle this evening, starting at six, and anyone who would like to, is most welcome to come along.  I look forward to the evening, and to sharing with you all, our diverse experiences of what it means to be happy, and how we can achieve that in today’s challenging world.

Thanks Rachael, and thanks to Diana and everyone at Thistle who make Thistle such a welcoming, wonderful place to be.  If you haven’t already discovered the work that Thistle do, now would be a good time.

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